Wageningen Campus, Nexus gebouw 117
Akkermaalsbos 14
6708WB  Wageningen
Tel: 0317 - 46 66 00  Fax: 0317 411199

Student Medical Center Wageningen


We are a general practice focused on students. Our practice is therefore on Wageningen Campus.

All students of Wageningen UR can register with us. We have a lot of experience with student-related complaints. We have specific knowledge of common complaints and diseases in young adults. There are five GPs working in the practice. You are free to make an appointment with the doctor of your choice.

Non-students who live near our practice can also register with us. 

Practice news

From December 1st 2017 we introduce a completely new website.
If you would like to use the online services, please go first to the frontoffice of our practice. 

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